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Women’s Phone Case Bag
Women’s Phone Case Bag
Women’s Phone Case Bag
Women’s Phone Case Bag

Women’s Phone Case Bag

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A Stylish Holder for Your Phone and Essentials

  • Store your phone and credit cards safely inside the PhonePurse™.
  • Features a transparent and touchable back panel so you can view AND use your phone without taking it out. 
  • It is a stylish clutch bag, featuring a beautiful leather-like texture with touches of gleaming rose gold.

A smart design to keep your phone safely in public

  • The PhonePurse™ is among the few phone cases out there designed to be practical.
  • It is designed to keep your phone hidden from public view, yet allows you to view and reply to messages.
  • The purse looks similar to a hand clutch and has no resemblance to a phone case for added security.

Stylish and Practical

  • The PhonePurse™ has a beautiful feminine look, featuring sleek leather texture with stitched sides and gleaming gold touches.
  • It features a flap opening secured with a metal press button closure that is easy to close and open.
  • Aside from securing your phone, it also adds a layer of protection against bumps and scratches.

Fits Most Smartphone Models

  • The PhonePurse™ is designed to hold most recent smartphone models. The purse is durable, slightly waterproof, resists stretching and fading.
  • It features a sling for neck and shoulder, so you free your hands in your commute.
  • In addition, the purse has slots to hold your credit cards, a few bills of cash, tickets, and ID’s. House your phone and valuables safely during your commute.