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Door Flexibility Trainer PRO
Door Flexibility Trainer PRO
Door Flexibility Trainer PRO
Door Flexibility Trainer PRO
Door Flexibility Trainer PRO
Door Flexibility Trainer PRO
Door Flexibility Trainer PRO

Door Flexibility Trainer PRO

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Our easy-to-use "Door Flexibility Trainer PRO" will improve your leg flexibility, balance and range of motion in a natural body position. Just a few weeks of consistent use and your friends will notice considerable improvements to your movements. The ergonomically designed edges facilitate gripping and have a soft, non-slip surface which makes it safer to use.

From now on, train with confidence. Nothing will break due to use of high quality materials...!


  1. Multi-functional home yoga stretch strap.
  2. After test by many athletes, this stretch kit is proved to achieve significant results and improve your leg flexibility, hip movement range and sense of balance, and also to control your movements.
  3. It is also suitable for daily yoga or Pilates, for therapist exercises, for basic stretch even after work or exercise.
  4. You can carry the practice book, door anchor and extension belt with you, to exercise your body at any time any where.

Is Ballet, Dancing, Gymnastics or Cheerleading your passion?

Want to achieve your flexibility goals and amaze your friends and family? We all want to improve our flexibility, but it can be tough without the right help!

Our amazing flexibility equipment is ready to use in a few seconds: You just have to put the door anchor over any sturdy doorpost, close the door and pull the strap through the D-ring and you're ready to take your poses to the next level. Like a portable stretch machine!


The "Door Flexibility Trainer" is the easiest way to achieve full splits fast. With just a few weeks of use, you can improve your leg flexibility, balance, range of motion, muscle strength, and confidence! Best of all, you can do it all on your own and don't need a partner to help you get a deeper stretch.



If you are a total beginner and want to know where to start, here are 4 of the most common stretches used in Ballet, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics. The pictures above show you the natural progression of learning each stretch. However, there are some important safety tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Make sure to warm up your muscles with some light exercise such as walking or jumping jacks. Stretching cold muscles may result in injury.
  2. Hold a sustained stretch for 10-30 seconds. Don't bounce when stretching. Bouncing causes your muscles to overstretch which may result in small tears in fibers.
  3. Only stretch to the point of mild discomfort. If it hurts, you're pushing too hard. Slow and steady wins the race. It's easy to get excited and push yourself too hard in the beginning. Instead, focus on improving over a few weeks rather than a few days, and you are sure to prevent injury.
  4. Breath normally when stretching. Don't try to hold your breath or preform special breathing exercises.
  5. Get advice when needed. Check with your doctor or health professional if you have an injury or have had a previous injury and are unsure of how to stretch properly.



To install the trainer, simply toss the short strap with the foam end over the door and close the door to secure it in place. Then simply slide the long strap through the metal D ring, and your flexibility trainer is ready to use!