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3D Moon Smart Lamp

3D Moon Smart Lamp

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Do you want to bring the moon to your room? Do you think it is impossible?

Well, we have made it possible for you!!! Here is the Moon lamp that looks remarkably like a moon. This moon night lamp is one of a kind.

It is stylish and quite practical. This Moon lamp is a decent accessory that can enhance the look of your room. Moreover, you can present this moon lamp as a gift to your loved one. It goes with all kinds of decor.

Features and benefits:

  • lightweight
  • changes colors on a light tap.
  • you can choose what you want to be engraved on its wooden holder but it should not exceed 5 words.
  • touch more than one second to change the brightness
  • available in two variants color-wise: 3 colors Moon lamp and 16 colors Moon lamp.
  • available in different sizes


  • battery type: lithium-ion 
  • voltage: 5V
  • battery time: 8 hrs (depends upon the brightness)